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 Raw results#6

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PostSubject: Raw results#6   Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:10 am

RAW returns live from commercial break to the arena.

Cole: Welcome back to RAW the hottest show on cable television.

Suddenly the arena goes into darkness and Kanes pyro goes and Kane emerges from the smoke with what looks to be the IXWF Title.

King: Speaking of hot Cole here comes the big red monster Kane but whats he doing holding the IXWF title hes the World Champion.

Kane walks down the ramp with the IXWF Championship on his shoulder and a sick smile on his face. he walks down to the ring stands on the apron climbs over the top rope and lays the title on the ground infront of him and raises his arms above his head and shoots them down and his ring pyro goes off.

Kane grabs a mic and is about to speak but lowers the mic from his mouth and takes off his mask instead.

Cole: OH MY GOD King thats Randy Orton thats not Kane what balls Orton has to come out here and dress up and come out here as Kane.

Orton: Expecting someone else. You know Kane i can kinda see why you do that now because even with all the heat and flames its still cool. Now Kane you are known for the one playing mind games but this time its me you see i am the viper and nobody can get in my head, i am the best wrestler in the history of this company and at wrestlemania when we face for the undisputed IXWF Championship not only will i take your title but i will also take your career and send both you and it to the firey depths of HELL.

King: What a bold statement by Randy i just hope that this tactic doesnt backfire on him leading up to wrestlemania.

The camera fades off to a commercial.

Match 1:

The Undertaker vs Sheamus
Taker wins

Match 2:

Dolph Ziggler vs Eddie Guerrero
Eddie wins

*IXWF Raw cuts to the back as we see Maria getting ready to conduct an interview*[/b]


Hello everyone my name is Maria coming to you from umh... the backstage? Yes the backstage! Well I'm here to conduct a fabulous interview where is Edge?!?!



*Maria is cut off*

*Edge has control of the mic as he is going to begin to speak*


Maria who do you think you are attempting to make me look bad? No one makes me look bad okay I can't even make myself look bad because there's nothing bad about me! Well I am a bad man a very bad man I'm the rated r superstar. I can basically out show any of you men in the back. All of you are PG while I am Rated R you got that Maria.

*Now trying to emphasize his point*



*Maria looks shaken as Edge just yelled at her*


You didn't need to yell at me Edge ... *sniffle*


Okay Maria I'm sorry lets actually do an interview now go shot give me a question.


Okay Edge what are your intentions here in IXWF you've been here before do you have any goals give me everything you plan on doing because everyone is wondering after they heard that you've signed with IXWF.


You want to know my ... intentions? My intentions hmmm what do I think they are. Damnit I know what they are honestly I plan on doing something that no one has seen before I plan on taking chances doing everything I need to become the top of this company. The fact that I have greater ability than have the men here shows that I have what it takes to be that man. Anyway my intentions the first thing I plan on doing is get a damn match here and prove to everyone that I can wrestle. They should already know that the new Edge is a better Edge no man is going to stop me from achieving my goals.


People just don't think around here and I can tell because they are doing idiotic things like not showing there full effort. That's not someone who deserves to be champion here. That is someone who deserves to be given a pink slip. If your not doing what you should be doing to be a great wrestler then you should just leave now. Maria I know you have another question for me and I can tell what it is. The sky is blue I have ten fingers what else do I think your going to ask hmmmmm actually Maria continue I would love to hear what you have to say.

*Maria pulls back the mic and begins to speak*


Okay... that was very mean of you to insult me like that.. Okay let me ask you some good questions ummmmmhh oh I got one. Okay do you agree on who is the champion like do you think they have enough to do to be able to be known as the champions in IXWF?


Good job Maria that question wasn't really stupid. The champions in IXWF .. Who are they because I don't see them doing anything. Wait isn't it Kane and Orton aren't they going to unfi the titles soon. Ya I think they are but really it doesn't matter who wins that match because I'm going to become the champion sooner or later I'll hold the belt and not let it go. What else am I going to do when I become champion? I don't know yet I got to think of stuff but honestly I'm not going to rush anything because I'm not that type of guy. Does people who run around the back looking to be interviewed about how there going to become the champion even though there probably never going to become the champion.


Does people make me go fricking crazy because they don't know what there talking about I want to throw them against the wall and give them a nice kick in the ass there just those people that make no sense when they speak. I can't wait to sit back in my locker room and just listen to all the men speak tonight it's probably going to make me laugh. Hell I got nothing to do tonight but just sit here and watch some talented and some very untalented men wrestle.

*Edge hands the mic back to a very scared Maria as IXWF goes to commercial*

Match 3:

Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio
Kurt wins

Main Event

Kane vs The Big Show
Kane wins
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Raw results#6
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