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 RAW Results #2

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PostSubject: RAW Results #2   Tue Jan 31, 2012 9:42 am

Event Date: 30/01/12
Due Date: 29/01/12
location: Chicago

Jim Ross:Welcome to the second RAW in IXWF history.

Jerry lawyer: This is going to be even better then last week's

Mason Ryan VS Jeff Hardy
Mason beats Jeff by punching him in the face

Alberto Del Rio VS Rey Mysterio
Rey wins by 619

Intercontinental Championship tourment

Kane VS The Miz
Kane wins by chokeslam

Sheamus VS Dolph Ziggler
Sheamus wins after 2 brouge kicks then a high cross finish

[Michael Cole]: Sheamus here getting really frustrated now King after hitting two brouge kicks on Dolph ziggler
Sheamus getting Dolph ziggler up on his shoulders now

Sheamus driving Dolph ziggler into the ground and now takes the cover

[Referee and Crowd]

[Michael Cole]
Sheamus just dominating Dolph ziggler and has now left him in the ring like a sack of bones

*Sheamus Grabs a mic*

Every single fellah in this arena just saw that domination...Dolph ziggler never saw it coming...That force ziggler just felt is what my next opponent is going to feel...and its going to lead me to the Intercontinental championship
Kane...Im coming for you ...and imma send you right back to hell with my boot or with my high cross finish...
*Sheamus drops the mic and taunts in the ring*

Wade Barret VS Chris Benoit
chris benoit wins after 3rd signiture by submission

Macho Man VS Undertaker

* Savage walks towards the ring *

Michael Cole :''King it looks like Savage is ready for his match against Undertaker''.

Jerry Lawler :''Yes, Michael it looks that way''.

* Savage enters the ring *

* Minutes pass before the match *

Michael Cole :''Where is Undertaker, he would know when his match is''.

Jerry Lawler :''I don't know Michael, but I think he's chickening out of this match just like he did to Randy Orton''.

* Savage grabs the mic and puts it to his mouth *

''Again Taker, you're gonna chicken out again just like you did to Orton''.

''Tskk Tskk Tskk, I knew you weren't good enough for the IC Championship nor to face me''.

''So I guess that this is a victory to me''?

* Justin Roberts looks at the referee *

* Justin Roberts puts the mic to his mouth *

Justin Roberts :''We'll give him 2 minutes to enter the ring, if he does'nt then the victory goes to Randy Savage''.

* The minutes pass by *

* Justin Roberts looks at the referee and shakes yes *

* The bell sounds *

Michael Cole :''Oh my god, Randy Savage progresses to the 2nd round of IC Championship without a match''.

Jerry Lawler :''Yes, well Michael that's what Undertaker gets for not showing up for his match''.

* Randy Savage walks away while his theme plays *

IXWF Championship tourment

Bigshow wins the after two finshers then a pinfall

The Rock VS Christian
christan wins via killswitch then pinfall

Christan: you all said i wouldn't beat the rock but look what i just did.
I will beat randy next, and the peeps believed in me.
And rock you said i wouldn't beat you last week on raw.
well take this you piece of shit.
Christan starts stomping on rock Christan then hits the spear.

John Cena VS Randy Orton

The Main Event

Triple H VS Edge

Jerry Lawyer: Looks like we are at our main event.

Jim Ross: Tonight has been great even better than last week.
*Edge makes his way into the ring*
Jerry Layer: This is going to be good, very good.

Triple H starts at Edge them makes his way down to the ring
Jim Ross: Triple H looks focused and I’m sure he will come out winner in this contest
*The match starts up in a lock up between the 2 Edge then gains control and toss triple H to the corner Edge starts to run at Triple H but then Triple H kicks Edge right in the face then runs at Edge and does a closeline that brings him down to the floor Triple H goes on top of Edge and starts to punch him in the face and goes for the pin
Kick out by Edge
*Edge gets up and punches Triple H to the corner then kicks him to the floor Edge then picks up Triple H Then goes for the Edgecution but then Triple H revers and attempts to go for a pedree but then Edge runs him into the corner then lifts him up on the top corner and goes for a superplex but then Triple H punches him 3 times then uses his foot to push him off then goes for the driving elbow but then Edge moves out of the way so Triple h crash down on the mat both get up slowly
Triple H makes his way out of the ring
Then they both make their way back into the ring slowly
Both get up again then edge pushes Triple H back to the ropes
Both keep on the floor, both trying to get up but can’t

Jim Ross: What is he doing out here!?
Jerry Lawyer: What!?
*Lights go out*

Lights come back on

Kane then chokeslams Triple H
*Kane drags Edge on top of Triple H*
Jim Ross:KICK OUT!
*Rock comes down to the ring and rock bottems Triple H and puts Edge on top of Triple H

*Edge gets up then starts to leave then ring but then Kane turns him around and chokeslams him*
Jim Ross: This has gone to far!

*Both Rock and Kane make their way out of the arena while the crowd boos them both chanting "you both suck!"

*RAW goes off the air*

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RAW Results #2
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