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 Smackdown results#1

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PostSubject: Smackdown results#1   Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:11 am

Event Date: 16/03/12


Booker T: What dah hell? What is Triple H doing on Smackdown he is on RAW sucka

Josh Matthews: Maybe he forgot?

Triple: I saw on Ixwf.com that i had a match, that was in the mid card section, vs Scott Hall........ You got to be kinding me he is the biggest joke in the history of the IXWF or even the wrestling world, i even proved it on Superstars, I should be fighting for the IXWF championship,wait no i should be given it...

*the crowd starts booing

Triple H: Shut up!!! i deserve better then this i deserve.......

*The Miz walks down the ramp slowly turning the mic in his hands*

Well what do we have here, Triple H.

*The Miz climbs in the ring and walks around triple h*

So Trips, you want more than to be stuck in the mid cards with wannabe wrestlers like Scott Hall huh. Well it just so happens that i need a tag partner and you need the big leagues, becuase face it Raw isn't treating you well by putting you in the mid cards.

Maybe we could come up with an agreement.You move to smackdown and be my tag partner, in return ill add you into the triple threat for the world heavyweight championship. Deal?

Together we will rule smackdown as the biggest tag team in the history of the IXWF, Becuase Im the Miz and im awesome!

Triple H: You know what Miz...... you got you're self a deal.

*Triple H goes up to the Miz and shakes his hand

Booker T: He just sold out big time man,

*Sheamus Theme Tune hits the titantron*

*Sheamus Walks out onto the ramp*

Top of the morning to yah miz... A nice show you got going here...But obviously not going to be as good as raw...But i'm not out here to talk down about your show...Im here to talk to Triple H...
Now now fellah...Where oh where did i give you permission to move shows...As your contract states..you are legally binded to raw until the end of your contract or if a draft happens... However...None of those things happened

But i tell you what... I give you an opportunity
If you can give me 5 good reasons on the spot right now... I will consider letting you move..
So fellah.... Hit me with it

Triple H: Ok then....

1.I don't want to be on a brand with a bunch of freaks just like you.

2. You need a tan and i don't want to be blinded every time i'm backstage.

3. I want real competition, that is something i will get here with the likes of Miz, Kane, Stone cold and the undertaker.

4. (Smiles) I get a free title shot (laugh)

*Crowd boos

5.hmmm erm

*Kicks to the gut going for the prdgree

*crowd boos

*Miz pulls Triple H off

Triple H: What dah hell?

Miz: I want to see what he has to say..

*Triple H turns around to a Brogue kick

*Sheamus and Miz stare at each other

*Looks down on Triple H*


*Grabs a mic and looks at miz*

Is this the type of superstar you want miz...The kind that attacks GM's
Pfft this shows a joke
Triple H...I see you monday on raw

*Drops the mic and backs out of the ring with a smile on my face*

*as sheamus leaves the ring, the miz picks up triple h to his feet*

'well triple H, you shouldn't of picked a fight with sheamus'.

*The miz faces triple h goes for the handshake, then pulls of a dbt on triple h*

Becuase i don't want this, a rivalry with one of the greatest superstars and raws gm, no i will not have this, you still get your title shot no matter what brand you choose but this tag team, its not happening, i will not anger the great white becuase i have felt the outcome first hand.

*throws the mic at triple h, then climbs out of the ring*

The Lights in the arena go out
The Undertaker appears in the ring just staring down at Triple H with a smile on his face and then he leaves

Match 1 (number 1 contenders match)

The Miz vs Edge
Miz wins

Match 2 (pinfall only)
Cm Punk vs HBK
HBK wins

Match 3
Wade Barret vs Christian
Wade Barrett wins

Match 4
Eddie Guerrero vs The Rock
The Rock wins

Main event Match 4 (World Heavyweight Title)

Stone Cold vs Kane vs Triple H

[center]Jim Ross: The world heavyweight championship is on the line folks.

Josh Mathews: Stone cold Vs Triple H vs Kane this will be a match to remember

*No one comes out and the music stops and the cameras go backstage


Jim Ross: That son of a bitch, how could you do that in a match as big as this?

Lillian Garcia: Message form the GM since Stone cold cannot compete this shall turn into a one on one match!!!!!

*Crowd start to boo

Jim Ross: Was this a good idea by Triple H?

Josh Mathews: I have a feeling this was not smart move, Triple H Now has to face Kane on his own..

*The bell rings and they start in a lock up, Kane gains control and


*Kane keeps punching Triple H in the corner in-till he is sitting on the lower turnbuckle and runs off the rope and knees him in the corner and goes for the pin

Kick out!

*Kane picks out Triple H And attempt's a powerslam but Triple H elbows him and gest off and throws him into the corner


*Kane does a sit up crowd cheers And Stares at Triple H


* Kane turns around and gets hit by a closeline by Triple H, Triple H picks Kane up but then gets powerslamed by Kane

Jim Ross: OMG what the hell what is Sheamus doing here doing here!

Sheamus goes up to Triple H while the ref is done and attempt's a Brogue kick but Triple H ducks and it hits Kane instead then Triple H throws Sheamus into the ring post


Jim Ross: Stone Cold! Stone cold

*Everyone stops in the ring Stone cold runs down to the ring and Deals punches to his face then picks him up and stunners him and leaves. Kane then crawls to Triple and Puts his arm over him


Jim Ross: Kane has won the world Title
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Smackdown results#1
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