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 The Miz Returns to IXWF in time for wrestlemania

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PostSubject: The Miz Returns to IXWF in time for wrestlemania   Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:26 am

Micheal Cole:
Welcome everyone to tonights IXWF show im here with hall of famer Jerry 'The King' Lawler and we could have some interesting matches coming up soon on the road to wrestlemania isn't that right king.

Jerry The King Lawler:
Yes it is cole tonight is going tobe great with all superstars desperate to win to gain some momentum as we get closer and closer to the grandest stage of them all wrestlemania!

Micheal Cole:
Wait this can't be, yes it is the Miz, the most must see superstar in all of the IXWF!

Jerry The King Lawler:
Ohh no not the Miz, I wonder what he has to say....

*The Miz walks up to the ring taunting to the IXWF crowd*

Hello, IXWF, Im the M.... wait i shouldn't need to tell you who I am, becuase I am the most must see superstar in all of entertainment, I have the charisma of the rock, The power of the Undertaker, The agility of Sin Cara, and the Brains of David Otunga. I'm the Miz, and I'm AWESOME!

Now IXWF I didn't come out here to gloat, becuase well i don't need to im the best there is and we all know that, I mean even Micheal Cole knows that so surely everyone should.

Jerry The King Lawler:
Haha you hear that Cole

I have come here to tell you, that as always this is my year, and i will be headlining Wrestlemania and as always i feel sorry for my opponent, so far I am unbeaten at Wrestlemania and it will stay that way until i leave, but this year not only will i win at Wrestlemania, I will become the longest reigning title holder in the IXWF.

Becuase Im The Miz, And Im, Awesome!

Micheal Cole:
See king thats how a real champion talks.

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The Miz Returns to IXWF in time for wrestlemania
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