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 RAW Result's #1

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PostSubject: RAW Result's #1   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:49 am

Jim Ross: Welcome to Monday night RAW here in Madison square Garden.

Jerry Lawyer: It will be a great show we got Triple H, Edge and even Kane.

Jim Ross: Let’s get this show on the road then.

Big Show VS Chris Benoit
Was after a finisher choke slam then the pin then submission

CM PUNK vs Kane
CM Punk wins via anaconda vice against Kane

Sting VS Bryan Danielson
Sting wins due to submission (Scorpio Death Lock)

The match between Bryan Danielson and Sting ends, Sting leaves the ring and then suddenly.............
Danielson kips up.
Danielson goes to the side of the ring and asks Justin Roberts for a microphone.
You thought I was really beaten? This is all part of my plan, my plan to build the biggest legacy of all time, bigger than Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena and any other wrestler you can name, you really think I could have tapped out to that joke of a sharpshooter applied by that washed up old joke?
You ask how I will execute this plan?
I am going to dominate the intercontinental championship tourney, winning the title, then I will take the title and hold it for so long, defending against so many greats that IXWF management will have no choice but to make it their world title, something no man in the history of wrestling has acomplished.

Danielson's music hits, he walks back to the locker room.
Jerry Lawyer: Will he dominate it? We will find out soon I guess.

Wade Barrett VS Edge
Edgeecution in to a corner spear 1...2..3!!!! Edge wins

Edge before you leave tonight. You just came off a great victory against Wade Barrett. Master of the Barrett barrage. And next week you face Triple H your thoughts.

Edge: Well that is a good question that I really don't have time for. Just because you "work" here doesn’t mean you have the right to talk to me. Yes Triple H runs this whole corporate being of existence. He may have beaten me in the past but if i have to run through him like a train to get to the thing I care about most. Then so be it.

Josh: Well thank you edge for this time it’s been a pleasure talking with you.

Edge: why are you still here shouldn't you be playing in traffic....Go on shoe.

Edge: hey you work for triple h right. Well here’s the thing i want you to do something for me. When triple H comes out to face me next week change everything like his entrance music, his movie the lights to like maybe pony music and pink lights. Can you do that for me?

Bob: Su...sure I ca... can.

Sheamus VS Christian
Christian got the win with a killswitch

Jim Ross: What a great time we had have so far.

Jerry Lawyer: I know , we had Sheamus vs Christian Edge bragging about his win and Bryan Telling us he will be the greatest thing since slice bread,what else could get better? We'll see you after the break.

Jerry Lawyer: I don't think i want to be here when he gets in the ring

Jim Ross: Mason Ryan will be debuting next week.

Undertaker VS Randy Orton

Undertakers theme stops playing and the smoke clears but there is no sign of Undertaker.

King-Wait where is the undertaker?

Cole-I don’t know King someone needs to go back there and tell him he has a match.

King-well if you want you can but I’m not going too.

Randy Orton looks at the ref confused and says where is he?

The ref nods his head and calls over Justin Roberts and they start to whisper.

Roberts then tells the crowd...

Roberts-Ladies and gentlemen I have just received word that the Undertaker has until the count of ten to get to the ring or he will forfeit the match.
,Ref-Ring the bell. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 that’s it ring the bell.

Jim Ross: That was not fair Randy gets to the next round for fighting thin air.

Jerry Lawler: Welcome Everyone we are back on Monday night raw
We are in Madison square garden
Michael Cole: Hey that's my lines Anyway Welcome Everyone

Jerry Lawler: That Was A Great Match
With Most electrifying man in all of entertainment
Michael Cole: And

The Rock: Finally The Rock Has Come Back
To New York City.!!
this week I Kicked Jeff Hardy's Candy Ass!
And Next Week I'll Do The Same Thing to a
Moaning Bitch Called Christian

The Rock: Now Christian Listen And listen
Good Jeff Hardy Is in The Hospital Right Now And Your Next
So you better watch out cause will shove my boot up your moaning bitchy Ass

*Benoit slowly walks down the arena of Madison square garden*

Hello Rock

Now I am not here to start a fight or an argument in anyway because I know for a fact that if anyone starts an argument with the great one, the fans turn against them.

You see Rock I think that although Christian is my ally you have one of the best chances of winning this tournament now I’m not saying your better than christian I’m just saying that you the rock will be Christians only hard match on his way to the top and yours and Christians match will be the most electrifying match of all time, and you wanna know why rock?

Its because of you the great one will go up against one of the greatest superstars in IXWF history, Christian.

It is too bad it had to come to this you against my tag partner because I really would of liked the great one to be a tag partner with us to take down the oldy, Edge, the wretched sting and sheamus the life soze mayonnaise jar but after this I guess that will not happen.

All I can say is good luck to both of you and i will be watching that match.

*Benoit turns around and starts to walk out slowly as his music plays*


The Rock: Look Benoit Nothing Personal
Oh And About Sting I Got Your Back Bro
The Rock Leaves The Ring

Triple HHH VS Dolph Zigger
Ended after the second pedigree

Jim Ross: The game Triple H is going to join us here tonight in the first ever edition of RAW.

Jerry Lawyer: Could Triple H get one step closer to the IXWF championship we will find out later, tonight.

*Triple H walks down to the ring with a confident slime on his face, and goes into the ring*

Triple H: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first ever RAW in history *Crowd cheers* 14 men fight for the greatest prize in professional wrestling today, but only one, will walk out with the championship,.... and that guy, is ME! *Most of the crowd cheer while some of them boo* and there will only ever be one IXWF champion in history because I don't plan on losing it, I don't care if I have to fight Sting * Crowd cheers* , Kane *Crowd cheers get even louder* Even Randy Orton *Cheers even louder* because I will beat my opponent Dolph Zigger tonight. *Crowed starts chanting Triple H!*

Jerry Lawyer: I hope he does

Triple H: Then go on to the next round to face, Kane Since I know Alberto Del Rio Has no chance of winning *The crowd starts to laugh* “It’s his density to win the IXWF championship!” well I will tell you his destiny to get chokeslamed by the big red monster Kane, but anyway let’s get back to being serious, now * Alberto Del Rio theme plays*

*As Alberto Del Rio music hits you hear sounds from Del Rio's car*

*Alberto Del Rio gets out of the car and looks around and just smiles at Triple H he looks ready for what ADR is about to do, Alberto slowly walks to the ring as he turns to the crowd as they boo Del Rio , Del Rio seems to be enjoying it*

-Alberto Del Rio-

*Smiles* I find this very funny how you of all people are saying that I have no chance of becoming champion? Do you know who I am ... I am pure talent the fact that I have more talent in my thumb than you do in your whole body says something... It says that Triple H you are least likely out of everybody in this tournament to become the first ever world champion. Something that the world champion needs is looks and .. um I'm pretty sure you look like a rear end of an elephant. In terms ud understand... your hideous which means that someone like you doesn't deserve to hold something as special as the world title .. let alone become the first ever champion.

* Alberto Del Rio pauses as he awaits a laughing Triple H ... Del Rio stands with a smirk on his face... Triple H doesn't look pleased*

Triple H: Alberto,Alberto,Alberto.. Do you think, answer this honestly, that you are going to win this tournament…. *Alberto Del Rio puts the mic up to this face slowly* I fought not, you’re facing Kane Alberto. And not only that if you somehow win, you will be facing the Big Show to and if you get god himself to help you from him!, Then.. You’re facing me! *Triple H goes right up to Alberto’s face* And trust me son, you don’t want to face me, you don’t want that face of yours to look like a bunch of mash potatoes after I pedigree you’re face down on this mat *Crowd cheers Triple H!*

Jerry Lawyer: If I was Alberto I would be wetting my pants right now.

Triple H: This should also be a warning to Wade and Edge as I will destroy whichever one is the unlucky one to fight me *Triple H drops his mic and begins to walk out*

*Triple H is already half way up the ramp as Alberto Del Rio picks back up the mic and begins to talk more about Triple H*

-Alberto Del Rio-

Hold up where do you think you’re going.. Do you think you can disrespect Alberto Del Rio like this? No you can not ! You just walked away because you’re afraid of me I flat out told you what it is right in your face and all you do is walk away? Your pathetic just plain out pathetic please understand this that you will never hold gold in IXWF....

*Triple H turns around and looks at Del Rio and picks up a mic*

-Alberto Del Rio-

No, no , no , no , no , no .... you don't pick up that mic you just continue to walk away you poor excuse of a wrestler! I am ALBERTO DELLLLLL RIOOOOOOO!!!! And no what you are ... Your a man who just uses his wife to get his name because the thing is .... Your wife’s a wh*re!

*Triple H turns and looks at Del rio who’s laughing Triple H sprints back into the ring and goes to work on Del Rio! Triple punches Del Rio and throws him into the corner and just stomps him out ... Triple H goes out of the ring and picks up a sledgehammer and smacks Del Rio right in the stomach several times.... Del rio looks lifeless... Triple H hits the pedigree .... Triple H rolls out of the ring and picks up a chair... Triple H rolls back into the ring and puts the chair on the ground... Triple H picks up Del Rio and hits another pedigree this time on the chair.. *

*Triple H looks around the arena as the music hits ... The nights go out and as they turn back on....*

*CM Punk is in the middle of the ring standing there after hitting the GTS on Triple H, Punk stands up as the crowd cheers Punk, Punk screams "I will be the World Heavyweight Champion" as IXWF off the air*

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PostSubject: Re: RAW Result's #1   Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:08 am

mwhahahaah my first and last main event
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RAW Result's #1
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