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 Chris Benoit talks about the intercontinental championship

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PostSubject: Chris Benoit talks about the intercontinental championship   Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:57 am

*Chris benoit enters the Raw arena with a glum smirk on his face, he then climbs into the ring and taunts to the audiance*

Hello Raw!

now i assume you all know about my tap out against the big show *sighs* but i assure you all that it will not happen again. I have been entered into the intercontinental championship. Now i know Sheamus is a big fan favourite to win, but c'mon people sheamus is like a giant mayonaise jar litterally, the guy needs to pay the tanning parlour a visit.

*chuckles to himself*
*imitates sheamus*

'My names sheamus and im a giant sloppy bucket of mayonaise'
thats what he is sloppy and unable to support himself like mayonaise to think about it noone from ireland can support themselves thats right drew mcintyre oh wait your not good enough for our league, and sheamus im suprised your here to.

Now people sheamus may be a top draw for this title but lemme tell you somthing i will make him tap out and big show im not done with you, thats right your gonna tap and its gonna be from my hands whenever you want. Also to everyone else in the intercontinental championship you are nothing! you will be in so much pain you will cry and tap out and sob to the ref in pain becuase noone who faces me in this tournement is safe.

Thank you Raw

Jerry Lawler:well benoit seems confident but do you think he can back up those words cole?

Micheal Cole:well king i really do not envy the person who faces benoit in the forst match of the intercontinental championship

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PostSubject: Re: Chris Benoit talks about the intercontinental championship   Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:52 am

*Sheamus's Titantron hits the screen and his music plays*

Jerry Lawler:
And here he is cole...Its sheamus...He's here

Michael Cole:
Ladies and Gentleman...The giant jar of mayonaise who lost to sheamus and blames it on the referee is here live as he is called out by Chris benoit....

*Beats my chest Hard at the top of the ramp*

First of all...I think its better if we leave Mcintyre out of this...Come on now Chris thought...Seriously...Is that seriously the best impression of me you can...I know you can do much better
Now I may not be as tanned as you and may be seen as a jar of walking mayonaise...But let me ask you this...Whats it like knowing a jar of mayonaise is better than you and is going to become the next Intercontinental champion

*Walks down the ramp and stops infront of the ring*

*Watchs benoit move into a defensive position*
Now Now benoit...No need to stand like that...I aint going to get into the ring and fight ya fellah... Cause you know..I dont want to risk my stake in the tournament by getting a ban ...
Im the top draw of this competiton for a reason...Because i deserve it...All the fans know it...and hopefully you will know it to..Its because im a walking success....I aint called the great white for just any plain old reason
If you think you can make me tap out you got another thing coming....I dont think you have heard about my punishing brouge kick...but dont worry fellah ..because in a few weeks to come your going to not only hear about it ...your going to feel about it
But i tell you what...Once i win the intercontinental championship...you can be my first title defense...How about it?

*Stares at benoit as i wait for his reply*

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Posts : 53
Join date : 2012-01-16

PostSubject: Re: Chris Benoit talks about the intercontinental championship   Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:35 pm

*picks up mic with another smirk he then laughs to himself showing the missing teeth in his mouth*

Well Sheamus, i have to admit you surprised me when you came out today.... but that means nothing its not hard to walk down a ramp and stand infront of a ring and say words that you cannot backup.

Jerry Lawler:Oh i don't like where this is going

*sheamus moves mic to mouth about to speak but then interrupted by Benoit*

Don't even try talking till i have finished do you learn any manners in ireland sheamus, oh thats right i forgot ireland is full of drunks no wonder you have to be a living tank to survive around there.

Micheal Cole:Looks like Benoit is trying to anger sheamus

Now sheamus i hear you have recently formed a tag team with sting am i right?
what kind of a name is that anyway 'sting' sounds like some sort of fetish, but putting aside the odd name ill admit he does have skill in the ring, why he ever chose you as a tag team partner ill never no, you can never live up to sting.

You know it, i know it, the whole god damn audiance knows it.But still you prance around like your the king of ixwf, well your not infact i think you are one of the worst here in the ixwf im suprised you qualify for the intercontinental let alone the ixwf championship.

Now if you want me to make sheamus tap out right now gimme a 'Tap Out!'

Mojority of the crowd:Tap Out!
The rest of the crowd:Benoit Sucks!

Shut up, now sheamus why don't you scuttle back down to your little locker room where you belong.

*Benoit stands there grinning at sheamus*

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Posts : 115
Join date : 2011-08-02
Location : Wins=0 Losses=0

PostSubject: Re: Chris Benoit talks about the intercontinental championship   Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:03 pm

*Smirks to myself*

No wonder why your not top class talent
Come backs like that fellah...You must be having a laugh
Now now...No need to take your anger out on Ireland... Its a peaceful place...yeah may be a few drunks but everyone can get along in a peaceful envrionment....Unlike where your from...I mean canada seriously...Majority of familys from there are a broken home...Father ran away or children badly abused...Is that how you lost your teeth?

*Camera Zooms in on benoits teeth as he gets angry*

You okay there benoit...You look a little mad
Sting has his name because every move he does to you stings and leaves you helpless...he chose me as his partner cause he knows im world class talent and together we can conquer every title division in the league...
Fans may want to see me tap...But lets be real...we know thats not going to happen
And another thing...Sheamus dont take order from a bitch wrestler like you
I know you tried your hardest to make me angry....But it looks like the tables have turned

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PostSubject: Re: Chris Benoit talks about the intercontinental championship   Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:42 pm

* Sting arises on the stage with a chair in his hand *

* Sting runs to the ring, face-to-face with Benoit *

* Sting slaps the shit outta Benoit *

Jerry Lawler : It looks like Benoit just got knocked out cold.

Michael Cole : Yeah King and now he taunting to Sheamus to give him the mic.

Sup people Hahahahaha, Why so nervous.

*leans down to Benoit *

Listen and listen good my dear friend, who are you to say that Sheamus is a big jar of walking mayonaise. Hmmm

Only people who know him personally like me can say that, not you you wannabe submissioner.

I'm the better submissioner then you are and ever will be, but never talk about my partner or me.

I hope that you're laying there is that you have lots and lots of pain, cuz like they say fly like a butterfly, sting like a motherfucking bee.

Now I hope you learned your lesson, bitch

* Sting droppes the mic and leaves the arena with Sheamus *

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PostSubject: Re: Chris Benoit talks about the intercontinental championship   

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Chris Benoit talks about the intercontinental championship
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